Staff Information

Strong leadership means success

Our staff team is taken very seriously, we host daily meetings with our team to discuss plans to go forward. We constantly adjust our steps to reach our goals based on community feedback.



If you're interested in joining our wonderful staff team, we currently have spots open to become a moderator. Please head over to our official discord here. Head over to #mod-apply channel and follow the steps located in that channel to begin your application.
All applications will be looked at in under 24 hours of submitting. 


Rank-ups are conducted as we see fit.

Ethereum rewarded each rankup!


Ape President, main owners and decision makers regarding Island Ape Paradise Club.


Community Manager, handles all large requests noted from Directors and reported to the President.


Director, Manages the staff team as for Island Apes.


Admin’s should be dedicated towards Island Apes which is the only way they can get hired to  this position. Admins are to make sure all lower staff ranks are handling the community correctly and following the staff rules within the community. At this position, you are able to take part and being able to handle more serious inquiries within the community.


Senior Moderator is Moderator but with more privileges and advantages. SM's are to moderate the community and make sure the server rules are being followed. Senior moderators are able to ban and train trials.


Moderator a Trial who passed their first phase into officially joining the staff team and handling staff more seriously. They are to moderate the discord and help the community with any issue.


Trial is the starting rank once you apply and get accepted. You will be trained by an admin and up. If you show trust, dedication, and profession, you will be moved up to moderator where you're considered an actual Island Ape Staff member! The Trial phase is for newcomers to learn our ways of the staff team and to master how we operate.