Garry's Mod

Island Apes official page for our game server. Here you will find all the information you need to play and enjoy our utility based NFT Game Server on Garry's Mod.

If you need help on verifying your holder role for in-game use, please click below



By playing our game server you receive in-game money. This is possible by using different jobs, completing missions, doing tasks, and being involved in the community. A new feature we're adding is the ability to convert in-game money to crypto.


Our game is based on a roleplay experience, you have the ability to become any job you'd like from our F4 list. Each job has their own special perks and benefits. You can make money doing various things throughout the map, and play with others.


Keeping our community engaged is our priority. We we'll have 5 events per week for the whole community to attend. These events will be administered by us having fun special games that give everyone the opportunity to win.


Here you'll find help for how to use each roleplay jobs we have to offer.


Manages the bank and keeps vault safe.

Retro Miner

Miner, digs for ores and creates mining systems.

Marijuana Grower

Create your own strains, and create your own farms and shops.

Vape Dealer

Sells vapes to citizens. Find the vapes to sell by clicking F4 -> Items



Creates laws in the city, keeps the city in check, and makes sure PD is doing their job.


Nightclub Managers

Create your own nightclub, and get money based on popularity.

Smoothie Maker

Sets up smoothie shops and blends special smoothies.

Black Market Dealer

Sells special weapons to citizens in the beach city. Find the guns to sell by clicking F4 -> Items


Bounty Hunter

Works for anyone for a price.



Pizza chef, cooks pizza and opens restaurants.


Trash collector, cleans the city of junk and recycles.

Hotel Manager

Purchase hotels and rent them out to citizens.


Gun Dealer

Creates gun stores and sells weapons to ones in need. Find the guns to sell by clicking F4 -> Items